Juvenile Justice Reform

I am running for District Attorney because as a father I know how critical it is that we break the cycle of juvenile incarceration in our state. As District Attorney, I will use alternatives to incarceration such as restorative justice and early prevention programs, and I will establish a juvenile mental health task force to identify and support our at-risk youth. I have the experience to bring together all of the community stakeholders to work together toward impactful solutions for our kids.

Community Engagement

I grew up in a working-class neighborhood where we knew every one of our neighbors. As I entered public service it became clear to me that knowing your community is critical to public safety. As District Attorney, I will be accessible and available to my community. I will launch a community outreach program to engage our neighbors across the district in their communities and work to strengthen the community relationships that are vital to public safety.

Protecting Diversity

I believe the District Attorney has a mandate to address the systemic problems in the criminal justice system, including isolation, a lack of representation in, and fear of taking part in the system. To address this, on day one I will establish a unit focused on investigating and prosecuting hate and bias-motivated crimes. Our diversity is our strength in this district, and we will not tolerate those who seek to harm individuals in our community based on their unique traits, and we will prosecute those who victimize our citizens based on their culture, race, or gender identity.