Senator Rhonda Fields

“Courage. Accountability. Fairness. These are the pillars of my public service career and the basis on which I evaluate all others seeking to serve our community through elected office. Matt Maillaro embodies these traits in his dedication to meaningful criminal justice reform and to protecting victims of crime. I trust
Matt to do the right thing, no matter how difficult the road. For all these reasons, I proudly endorse Matt Maillaro in this critical primary.”

“As voters begin looking forward to 2020, I hope they realize the importance and impact this race will have on the lives of everyday Coloradans – particularly our communities of color, which make up a disproportionate amount of the criminal caseloads. This district has never elected a Democrat DA to lead, and Matt has the experience and progressive vision that is needed to change history. I look forward to partnering with him in this campaign and as District Attorney.”

Former Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter

“Our criminal justice system needs leaders willing to challenge the status quo and create meaningful reform. Matt Maillaro brings twenty-two years of prosecution experience to the job and has outlined a keen vision and plan to implement real reform as District Attorney in the largest district in the state. That is why I am pleased to endorse him in this race.

As a former Denver District Attorney and Governor of Colorado, I understand the need for experience, vision and strong partnerships to make change happen. I am convinced that Matt’s platform of meaningful and intelligent reform, always focused on improving public safety, will make a lasting impact on the entire community. I am confident that Matt Maillaro will be the first Democrat elected District Attorney in the 18th Judicial District.”

Sheriff Tyler Brown

“I know how critical a strong working partnership with the District Attorney’s office is for the safety of the community and the success of the corrections system. Since I took office, I have worked alongside Matt Maillaro and believe in his vision. His experience and community connections will give him the head-start needed to implement his vision. I believe Matt Maillaro will always put safety before politics, which is why it was an easy choice to endorse him to be our next District Attorney.”

Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg

“I am happy to endorse Matt Maillaro for District Attorney of the 18th Judicial District.  Matt has served the 18th Judicial for more than 13 years. He understands the complexities of such a large and diverse district. This insight makes him uniquely qualified to implement a progressive vision of criminal justice reform.

Matt understands the need for systemic change and is committed  to reforming the juvenile and adult justice system in the 18th. He is also passionate about addressing the epidemic of gun violence that is plaguing many communities in Colorado. His 22 years as a prosecutor, his dedication to public safety and deep commitment to supporting victims, will no doubt make him an excellent District Attorney.”

Jane Dougherty

“My sister Mary Sherlach was the brave school psychologist who rushed the Sandy Hook School shooter on Dec.14, 2012, giving her life to save her students. I always knew how much Mary loved her students and that she would do anything for them. I never thought it would include taking bullets. My sister was robbed of her life because of the easy access to multiple guns. I made a promise to my sister that I would fight to prevent other families from experiencing the devastation my family has suffered. I have worked to honor that promise for the past seven years fighting to help pass common-sense gun violence prevention legislation here in Colorado. I want our elected officials to stand up for gun safety and be willing to take action to save lives. I know Matt Maillaro is just such a person. My sister Mary was incredibly brave. I tell legislators and other elected leaders that they need to be brave like Mary. I believe Matt will do just that. This is why I am proud to endorse him for District Attorney of the 18th Judicial District.”

Senator Mike Foote

“As a former prosecutor, having seen virtually every offense in the criminal code, I understand the need for experience in our elected District Attorneys. In my career I have worked to protect victims of crime both in the courtroom and in the legislature. In my work in the Senate and the House I have recognized the need for legislative change to reform the criminal justice system and make it more equitable. Matt Maillaro has the desire and the experience to make progressive change in the system. He recognizes the role of the modern District Attorney as achieving public safety as well as fairness in our criminal justice system through common sense reform, including a distinct focus on juvenile justice and diversion. I’m happy to endorse Matt Maillaro in his campaign to be the next District Attorney in the 18th Judicial District. His leadership and vision are what is needed to bring positive change to the largest judicial district in Colorado.”

Noel Ginsburg

“In business and in life I have promoted programs to give kids and young adults from all backgrounds opportunities to succeed. With intelligent and experienced leadership in the juvenile and criminal justice system, there is a huge opportunity to give young men and women a chance to thrive, to increase their self-worth, and to change the course of their lives.  Matt’s plan to keep kids from being entangled in the criminal justice system, and to provide support to the kids who need it most, is exactly what is needed. Most importantly, Matt’s vision can be achieved because of his experience and the relationships he has built in the community – and in the system – over the last 22 years.

Criminal justice reform takes dedicated leaders working together to implement change.  I trust Matt’s leadership and vision for real reform, and I am proud to endorse him for District Attorney of the 18th Judicial District.”

Stan Garnett

“As a former District Attorney, I know first hand the importance of leadership both inside and outside of the courtroom. I am supporting Matt Maillaro because he is unquestionably the most qualified individual to lead Colorado’s largest DA office. Matt’s dedication to criminal justice reform in Colorado has impressed me. I believe he will be able to enact real change very early in his administration. There is a historic opportunity for Coloradans in this upcoming election, but particularly the residents of the 18th judicial district. Never before have they elected a democratic DA – I believe Matt is going to change that.”

Matt Karzen

“I am proud to endorse Matt Maillaro for District Attorney of the 18th Judicial District.  Having worked as a prosecutor in the 18th Judicial District myself, I understand just how complex the job of prosecution can be in a large jurisdiction, and I am certain the elected DA in the 18th needs to be an experienced prosecutor who understands the district and its many communities.  Matt’s thirteen years working for the citizens of the 18th and the relationships he has built with professional and community partners, makes him uniquely suited to lead the office – this is not a position you can learn on the fly.

Matt’s judgment is top-notch.  His level-headed objectivity, strong sense of fairness and keen ability to analyze the competing priorities in the criminal justice system is always welcome when Matt and I discuss criminal justice and public safety issues.  His twenty-two years of prosecution experience bring critical insight and perspective to bear in discussion of the modern criminal justice system. Matt’s vision is just what the citizens of the 18th Judicial District need to achieve common-sense reforms implemented to increase public safety.  He will make an excellent District Attorney.”


District Attorney Matt Karzen – 14th Judicial District

Robb Miller, Assistant District Attorney – 19th Judicial District; Colorado Restorative Justice Coordinating Council member

Leora Joseph, senior prosecutor; former Chief of Staff – Colorado Attorney General; former Deputy Chief of Family Protection and Sexual Assault Unit – Suffolk County District Attorney

Christopher Brousseau, Senior Deputy District Attorney – 1st Judicial District; former Deputy District Attorney – 18th Judicial District

Elected officials

Senator Rhonda Fields

Senator Mike Foote

Senator Steve Fenberg

Victim advocates

Wendy Buter, Director of Victim Compensation/VALE Board 

JoAnn Holden, Director of Victim Services – 19th Judicial District

Gun violence prevention advocates

Jessica Price 

Andrea Price Herbert

Coni Sanders

Kelli Murphy

Juvenile justice 

Sarah Ericson, juvenile diversion program director

Shelby Demby, restorative justice educator and consultant 

Investigators/law enforcement

Mike Dickson, senior criminal investigator

Mike Mead, Deputy Sheriff (alternative programs) – Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office

Matthew Hanagan, criminal investigator; former residential youth counselor

Criminal defense bar

J.Y. Kang, criminal defense lawyer; former prosecutor 

Julia Stancil, criminal defense lawyer

Kate Stimson, criminal defense lawyer

Matthew Martin, criminal defense lawyer; former prosecutor 

Steven Alonzi, criminal defense lawyer

Having dedicated my entire professional career to the field of criminal justice and public safety, I am honored to have the support of criminal justice professionals and leaders in the community.
~ Matt Maillaro