Matt is currently the Assistant District Attorney in the largest judicial district in the state.  The 18th Judicial District has over 1,010,000 residents and boasts the state’s third largest and most diverse city –  Aurora. Matt has been a prosecutor in Colorado for more than 22 years and has worked under four District Attorneys in three different jurisdictions.  His experience includes the prosecution of homicides, sexual assault, gang, and organized crime, and virtually every type of crime in the criminal code.  He has spent more than 13 years serving the citizens of the 18th Judicial District and has dedicated his professional life to the rule of law and public safety. 

Since 2013, Matt has led the implementation of many relevant programs at the District Attorney’s office, including its first domestic violence, human trafficking, elder abuse, and major drug and gang crime units.  In recent years, Matt has turned his attention outward to focus on the larger drivers of our broken criminal and juvenile justice systems. Matt is committed to juvenile justice issues and works closely with recognized leaders in the juvenile justice field on internal and external juvenile justice policies and proposed legislation and amendments.  

As District Attorney, Matt will take a proactive approach – one exemplified by a focus on community engagement and education before the initiation of a criminal case.  He believes this type of early intervention is not outside of the legal role of the elected District Attorney, and in fact, is the moral responsibility of an elected law enforcement leader.